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World Tour Exhibition at St. Augustine Gallery

September 7 - October 2, 2007
Artists Opening Receiption open to the public
Friday, September 7
5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

St. Augustine Gallery
113 1/ King St.
St. Augustine, Florida 32084

"Working in the great tradition of those French Impressionists who revolutionized landscape painting by capturing the magic of natural outdoor light, plein-air artists have transcended regional limits and now include artists from all over the world. The International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) and Landscape Artists International (LAI) are both independent groups celebrating the natural world.", commented Dennis Wepman, curator of the Karpeles Musuem's NY location, host to the inaugural exhibition in June.

On September 7th, during "First Friday", the tour opens at St. Augustine Gallery (St. Augustine, FL), the First city's premiere art emporium featuring the works of master artists. Gallery owner William Green, along with featured local artist Charles Schaefer, will be present to welcome the public and answer questions about the exhibit. While some of the participating artists paint exclusively in the studio, many have joined the international plein-air movement, working quickly outdoors to capture the fleeting sunlight. Founder of the IPAP, J. Baldini, promotes the appreciation of landscape painting in nature, which she says is, "a metaphysical skill capable of creating an image that lets the viewer 'be there in the moment.'"

The exhibition will travel throughout North America in 2007 and 2008, with events currently scheduled for Colorado, Florida, and Vancouver, Canada. The Tour concept was initiated by Linda Richichi, former resident of Parkland, FL who now resides in NY. She states, "The public and collectors benefit most with the partnering of professional artists from both groups in tandem with brick and mortar spaces. While the internet is great introduction to artists whose work you admire, the gallery offers visitors an opportunity to connect directly to what artists actually communicate through their art." In 2008, this unprecedented tour of contemporary international landscape painters will expand to 40 artists from both organizations.

Among the artists currently featured are J. Baldini, executive director and founder of IPAP, from Canada; Karl Eric Leitzel, founder of LAI from PA; and Linda Richichi, tour director from NY, and host artist Charles Schaefer from FL. Other Signature Members of the IPAP and Charter Members of LAI include: Barbara Perrotti and Brenda Hofreiter, FL; Nancy Albrecht, IL,; Pierre Bouret and Julie Houck, HI; Margaret Evans, UK (Scotland); Dan Gray, British Columbia; L. Diane Johnson, NC; Michael Chesley Johnson and John Stuart Pryce, Canada; Vitali Komarov, the Czech Republic; Doug Martin and Kathryn McMahon, CO; Sandra Nunes, Brazil; and more!

LAI founder Leitzel, notes that, "Global communications today allow an unprecedented opportunity for like-minded artists from around the globe to work cooperatively. This tour is an exciting new outgrowth of that cooperative spirit."

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The public is invited to the First Friday celebration of Far and Near Horizons
Friday, Sept. 7th from 5-9pm.

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